We’re fanatical about safety. That’s why we have the industry’s most rigorous driver selection and training process coupled with a proactive maintenance program. With one of the highest safety records on the road, we provide added confidence as well as a comfortable ride.


LAMATA certified, our drivers meet the industry’s highest standards for safely transporting. To earn this certification, they complete a minimum of 60 hours of instruction and training, including ongoing education.


Our drivers are hand-selected for their experience and professionalism, and thoroughly vetted. We also put our drivers through a rigorous three-week training program that covers safe driving practices as well as vehicle repairs and maintenance.


Our vehicles are top-notch, and we keep them that way. Along with daily washing and cleaning, we complete regular proactive maintenance to keep our fleet operating safely, at peak performance, and with maximum fuel efficiency.

Other protocols include:

  1. Chauffeur temperature checks at beginning of each shift
  2. Chauffeurs are instructed to stay at home and quarantine if they have any symptoms (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  3. Provide contactless service (limit contact between chauffeur and passengers as much as possible)
  4. All passengers are required to wear face coverings (our chauffeurs will provide face coverings for those that do not already have one)
  5. Hand sanitizer is available at all times in buses
  6. Complete cleaning and disinfecting before every trip of all surfaces that passengers could touch (seats, seat belts, armrests, entertainment controls, etc.)
  7. Removal of all interior items such as water bottles, magazines, newspapers, and napkins post trip
  8. We strive to employ social distancing as much as possible on all of our buses, the immediate row behind the chauffeur is also blocked off
  9. Passengers will handle their own baggage and belongings (special requests may be made in advance and will be managed accordingly)
  10. Only outside fresh air will be directed through air conditioning/heating system, no recirculated interior air
  11. In every instance possible, we use CDC certified electrostatic disinfectant systems that are used to treat all interior vehicle surfaces. These systems are on par with what is used by Hospitals and Emergency vehicles to regularly disinfect work areas.