Explore the city of excellence.

Lagos or EKO as its popularky known is a city on the move, and the energy hits you the moment you breathe in the air. The people's thirst for action, their tireless activity, evoke anticipation and promise unforgettable experiences. Lagos has it all. Whatever your interests, Lagos has something for you. We agree that the business and size can be a little overwhelming and finding your way around the city can be a real job...but don't worry. We will show you all the beautiful places you need to visit and guarantee that Lagos buses will take you there. Start your Lagos experience with the following list:

Lekki Conservation centre

Looking for an experience of nature and wildlife, Lagos has something for you. Visit the Lekki Conservation Center to explore nature, untouched and untamed. Get a thrill from the sights and sounds of animals in their natural habitats.

Art Galleries

Lagos has so much to offer that it's well worth it for art lovers. From Immaculate Nike He Art Gallery to Omenka Gallery and other art galleries in the city, enjoy an unforgettable experience at Lagos' timeless art exhibitions.

Restaurants and Night Life

If you're into it and really want some of the action, explore the 24/7 lifestyle. Almost everything is on sale and you'll be amazed at the number of vibrant clubs, lounges. You'll also have to try street food and learn a few words with unique word combinations spoken in the streets of Lagos...but watch out for Danfo's conductors (yellow buses). A hilarious "Alaye, how far" or "Chairman, well done" should be enough to break the ice and lead you to a good book.


One of the things that makes Lagos unique is its proximity to the ocean. Lagos has well-maintained public and private beaches to choose from. Spend a quiet day by the water, build sandcastles, swim if you dare, or go horseback riding. There are many things to do on the beaches of Lagos. From Elegushi to Artican Beach to Ereko Beach to Tarukwa Bay to the exclusive Irache Beach, enjoy the fun.